• Build Your Branded Talent Community Across the Social Web

    RPO Systems is social media integration, allowing you to build your branded talent community easily across the social web.
  • Promote & Broadcast your job to any channel

    Broadcast your open jobs to any channel, build up your talent community, referral network, and collect talents!
  • Expand the Referral Network & Automate the Referral Process with Multi-Layered Referral Rewards Control

    RPO Systems offers multi-layer referral management system allowing you to automate, expand and manage your talent referral network easily and efficiently.
  • Analyze the Talent Source with just ONE CLICK!

    Setup different sources and analyze them with one click to helps recruiters determine the budgets and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
  • Build up your PRIVATE Talent Pool

    Accumulate resumes and build up your own private talent pool. All uploaded resume files will be converted into searchable database, talent search was never this easy!
  • Select Candidates online through a Collaborative Environment

    Send Candidates to your clients and view, rate, comments, and change status through a collaborative environment online!
  • Collaborate & Manage all recruitment activities online

    Manage the complex recruitment tasks at a collaborative online environment at anytime!

About RPO Systems
RPO Systems is a RPO Partner Software division of MeshHire, specializing in providing cloud-based recruitment technology. RPO Systems helps RPO partners to build a separate branded talent network for each of its clients and manage the complex referral recruitment tasks across the social web, email campaigns, and all types of referral recruitment programs.

What can I do with RPO Systems?
RPO Systems makes it easy for the partners to create, promote, and manage its:

  • Talent Community
  • Talent / Job Referral Network
  • Social Referral Network
  • Employee Referrals Network
  • Campus Recruitment Network
  • Alumni Referral Network

Why RPO Systems?
RPO Systems is your technology partner, not your competitor. Our job is to provide the cutting-edge technology to grow your talent community, and to make sure your talent community and referral network runs smoothly without interruptions, and with the greatest efficiency. Our key features for RPO Partners are:

  • 100% White Labeling on world-class Cloud Infrastructures
    RPO Systems offers 100% White Labeling on world-class Cloud Infrastructures for you to present your own brand identity, and domain name.  Let us handle the technology and IT tasks, so you can focus on promoting your brand and recruitment services.

  • Centralized Control with multi-level design.
    Oversees and controls different client account activities and reports on one easy screen. Grand access level, add and delete client accounts at anytime through our easy to use online interfaces.

  • Create new service and revenue stream
    RPO Systems allows you to present our latest technology as your new product line. Help your clients to build, promote, and maintain its talent network!

  • Affordable and Scalable
    RPO Systems offers the most competitive pricing, and it is scalable as your business grows. Contact us today to see how we can benefit your business.
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